How to Play a Pair of Tens

How to Play a Pair of Tens

Any time you see a pair of tens (a pair of 2’s or 3’s), you could be sitting in with a high pair, a set or a royal flush. Knowing how to play these hands correctly can give you great success in the long run. Pairs are strong hands and many times people will throw them around without a care in the world or realising that pairs can be very powerful.

In the beginning you want to play your pair of tens or a high pair as aggressively as you can. The best targets are the blinds because your betting position will enable you to take advantage of people limping in or out. It will also help you to pick up small pots without betting aggressively, which is the worst thing possible. Do not call blinds with your pair of tens or a high pair unless you pick up a good hand. Always play your cards strongly, and bet aggressively when you hit a pair. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw away a high card or two if you are pretty sure you are going to win.

Bravely go against the grain and play hands that most people would deem as unplayable, such as A7o or A5 off suit. Obviously, you can’t win them all, but if you consistently play hands that most people would categorise as the most Keluaran Semua Togel Hari Ini, you will have more wins than losses and will always have money in your stack. This is the best method to win at poker.

How to Play a Pair of Tens

By utilising your poker calculator, you will know exactly what to do to (£20, $50, $100, $1000) when you are in a hand. Your poker calculator will read your cards and figure out the odds on what you have, the cards you could make, the cards that can be seen in the flop and the odds of your opponents having the same. It then calculates the pot odds, which are the ratio of the amount you need to bet to win the pot, and the amount that your opponents need to call.

First off, you need to know what a small blind and big blind are. A small blind is half the amount of the small bet, and a big blind is the full bet. In a flop, everybody has a chance to bet, so the blinds act as antes. The best way to think of them is to picture an on-field NFL game. On-field, the Chargers and the Patriots are about to go head to head. Chargers have a 1-point lead. Unfortunately, Tom Brady threw 3 touchdown passes in the first half of the game, so the score is now 3 to 1. If you played the Chargers, you would wager on whether or not they could keep the game within 3 points. If you bet on the Chargers, the outcome of the game is of no significance to you. However, if you bet on the Patriots, you win the money you wagered and your risk was hedged, or served a purpose.

Inverse odds are also known as the reverse bet. You can bet against a hand, rather than on a hand. Let’s say the cards you’re holding are the 2 and 8, and the flop is 7 and ace. You might bet the 8 as your hand, but you can also bet for or against the 2 and 8. If you bet against the 2 and 8, you win if the outcome is Heads or Tails, or if you missed. However, you lose if the outcome is 5 or less.

You can bring a little action to your preflop bets by semi-bluffing, which is betting on something other than your hand. For example, you might lay a bet of half the pot on a hand you Suppose you have a pair of Tens or lower. However, you can also call with the hand. If you have At least an Ace, you can call, but you must at least have a full house. If you did not hit your Ace, you can bet for or against the hand, so long as you have at least an Ace.

RESPONSE: Since your goal is to win a big pot, feel free to play passively — or even aggressively! — but for the most part, you should play it straight.

Unfortunately, many players next to you tend to act in predictable ways, so it is important to have a solid pre-flop strategy. Your basic strategy should include proper position, starting hands, raising and calling rates, and perhaps most importantly, the discipline to fold or play passively when needed.


In poker, there are many different kinds of playing styles, or patterns, so that you should be extremely careful in proliferating your strategy to meet different sets of players.