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How to Bet on Cricket

"One-wicket game" - an expression that is familiar to sports fans, came just from cricket, where the wicket is one of the main objects of the game. Cricket is a sport that we do not understand, not different from baseball. In fact, there are many differences, and if you understand them and understand the rules, you can earn good money betting on cricket in bookmakers.

Where to bet on cricket?

Before betting on a cricket match, you should spend a few hours studying the rules of the game, its components, features, and various nuances. Before betting on cricket, you should definitely learn about the formats of the matches:

  • Test cricket, where matches are limited in time;
  • Cricket with limited overs.

Limited-overs matches can be of two types: one-day games and Twenty20. Twenty20 matches are played for about three hours, while the other formats are six hours or several days.

Cricket is traditionally on the list of sports on which bookmakers accept bets. However, while most domestic bookmakers add them for quantity, the British, such as William Hill offers many tournaments to bet on, a widespread and good odds.

How to Bet on Cricket?

Cricket was included in the second Olympic Games a long time ago in 1900, but that was its only inclusion in the Olympics. However, due to the long duration of cricket matches (they may last up to 5 days) cricket was not eligible for the Olympics at all due to the tight deadline of the Games. There is, however, a good chance that cricket will return to the Olympic program in 2020 and become a suitable game for this tournament, as new rules have already been developed that limit the game to 2.5 hours.

Types of cricket betting

Betting on the outcome of a match. In test cricket matches is a possibility to draw, so there are three options for betting on the outcome of the match - P1 X P2. In one-day matches and Twenty20, bookmakers suggest betting only on the winner, without a draw.

Betting on the total. Total in cricket is the number of wounds for a certain period of the game (for the entire match, for 5, 10, or 15 overs). Bookmakers offer to bet on the total and individual totals (separately for each team).


Handicap betting. Handicap betting in cricket is no different from other sports, where before the start of the match the bookmaker determines the plus / minus handicap for the teams, and the bettor decides what suits him best.


Betting on the first innings. This type of bet in cricket is especially popular in prolonged matches (test matches), because the bettor does not need to wait for the end of the entire meeting, only the innings, to find out the result of his bet, and betting can be made on everything that is the same for the entire match.

Betting on match statistics. Given the specifics of cricket, betting on statistics in this form is popular because the options are plentiful. For example, it is possible to bet on the best result of the first partnership, on the number of runs, etc.

Betting on player statistics. In addition to the match statistics in cricket, you can bet on player statistics. For example, a bet on the number of 6-point strikes, the number of runs, on the best batsman, and on the best player of the match.

Cricket betting analysis

When analyzing cricket matches, you should understand that this sport is not as popular as soccer, hockey or basketball, so the information you need is extremely difficult to find. On English-language resources (Internet or print media) you can find a lot of information useful for analyzing cricket matches, but you will need to work on translation, thanks to the fact that there are online translators.

Common mistakes of bookmakers

Since cricket betting numbers are very low, bookmakers do not think they need strong (highly paid) analysts, so their line on the sport is very weak and often based on dry statistics taken from the internet. If you pay enough attention to watch cricket matches and study the sport in-depth, you can catch bookies at their mistakes and make good money on it.

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