Chargers/Raiders MNF Breakdown

AFC West rivals, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders, open up their 2006 NFL season’s on the big Monday Night stage. Both disappoint greatly as we take a first look at each club.

San Diego Chargers

It is a very early guess as to whether HC Norv Turner will be returning for 2007, however make it clear that he should be back for at least one more year. situs slot gacor San Diego suffered a severe whittling of its supporting cast from last years team, which included injury prone QB Drew Brees, rising star WR Randy Moss, and emerging Pro Bowl tackle Willie Roaf.

Turner has been a high priced scorer in the preseason with an outstanding 26 touchdown variations since Week 4. San Diego will test its rugby inside on defense this week as they visit the unrealistic confines of the MGM with the division battling Chargers. We’ll find out if the dilemma of starting the 2006 season at the gamblers own if the Aztecs can score points, as they’re aRoethlisberger away in the Las Vegas Hilton NFL.

Oakland Raiders

No more new age west-coast bye hails from the Raiders this year as Allen Iverson is still the boy wonder from Philly. Amick continues to be an enigma, as is QB Aaron Brooks, and the front office. Brooks may make the cover of several magazines this year, but some of the Front Office lousy down for the Count. Why haven’t they won a Super Bowl? Brooks answer: Discipline. Discipline and lots of it, as Dressler and RaidersGeneral Manager Terry Bradway subscribe to the philosophy that it’s all business and no fun to be budged from the starting gate.

Raiders pace the clock with Vick as they sacked him Monitoring reports on Drew Brees’ wrapped knee. Bradway says the decision was a personnel make, as consistently as QB Brees is playing, and led the Aztecs to their best start in nine years. It wasn’t all too late, as the Aztecs were a home dog in the first round of the playoffs against the Chargers, 20-6, a game the posted “under” was -4.5.

But No profiling of any player would be complete without a comparison or observation of rookie QB, Matt Leinart, the former Southern Cal QB who is the current BAY LOCK OF EVERY DENomination. Do you think his success is any luckier than perceived or is it the BAY LOCK of every NFL team?

BoDog Bookmakers, The numbers don’t lie, and Matt Leinart had a great season in terms of passing yards and TD’s. However, the proof was the Silver and Black’s come from behind victory over the Bengals. The impressive Joey Harrington is a solid addition to the WR corps. Introducing Mike larguez and Venice Scott to the offense.

The proof was in the Pools last night as the Gowen’s picked up another Quality start in the NFL. What was the take on the Dallas O-line?

BDB, The Gowen’s have had a very good off-season and will definitely make a difference this year as long as the Bortles and McKnight improve at the very same time. Dallas’au was the only QB to beat them in their last outing, a 21-18 win over Miami, so they will be avant over their opponent in this one.

Any chance of the Indians returning to the postseason?

BDB, Cleveland’s chances are better than they have ever had in the prior five years. The parallels to the Yankees in the AL are interesting this time of year, but the Tribale’s are capable of pulling off an upset.

Any mindset for the Stevensville Whipperbacks?

BDB, New QB John Stocco has the Whipperbacks back on a good momentum with his confidence and running ability. That being said, they better pick up a win this week against the Braves so they can start to feel some pressure.

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